Monday, September 22, 2008

Review of the Month (1)

Review of this month so far: in the morning of 1st, the very first day I was to go to an onsite interpretation work, I fainted. I thought, “Oh… it’s happening again.” I lost control of my own body completely and there was no way to stop the sweat flowing down from my scalp. I managed to send an SMS to Miss Q, as has been in the previous faint cases. She contacted the agent for me. A terrible start of a new assignment by a new client.

On 2nd, I visited the Ministry of Manpower to present the in-principle approval letter for an Employment Pass and a blood test report. It was already too late to get my EP on the same day. Because my stay pass would expire the next day, I asked S to go over to MOM to get it for me. There was no other way. I passed my passport and the queue card to him.

On 3rd, I finally started the onsite interpretation. Profusely apologetic to the client about what happened on Monday. But always nice to work with engineers. After work, I arranged to meet S to get my passport and EP. And…

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