Tuesday, June 24, 2008

This Time in Vietnam (2)

2008年6月24日(火)0:38 (Vietnam Time)

Half an hour after I started to work today, my PC showed the problem that I well know about. Usually, it is rectified by rebooting, but today it failed to do so. It was just repeating the same rebooting process again and again, never reaching the initial screen. I resorted to press the “Reset” button at the bottom and only on my second press, it got back to health. Scary condition.

Because I lost quite a long time while trying to nurse the PC, I couldn’t finish my work. Moreover, I found, after I turned it off, there is a missing page. The page may not have to be translated, and that may be the reason why the page is not included to begin with. I cannot be sure. So, I went out again after dinner to email my friend.

At Q Café, in the same block, I worked on a further few lines and sent an email to the friend. As usual there, I got a few mosquito bites. “Q” for mosquito?

It seems many scenes in my dreams for the past few days can be explained. My family members appeared because the book by Shigematsu touched on family matters, and there were big quakes in Sichuan, China, causing many deaths and the northern part of the Honshu Island of Japan claiming about dozen lives. Thus, a disaster area.

I take what I see in dreams though. They can be some reflection of the state of my mind. Luckily, I had a better sleep last night though I don’t know about tonight.

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