Saturday, December 15, 2007

Active Day


A day of action (by my standard): I settled the phone bill, mailed a postcard to my mother, placed a complaint to a computer shop at TB Plaza and went to Tanjong Pagar to retrieve a letter from the tax office.

This computer shop told me at the time of my application on November 23 that it would sent an e-mail to me for confirmation. I’ve never received such an e-mail. A young man working at the shop’s customer service was apologetic. I heard him say “Many customers claim…” when he was talking to another office. Hmmm… It seems I’m not alone. Apparently, they are having some computer system trouble. System trouble at a computer shop? Quite a joke. I demanded my membership $$ back. He pleaded me to give him another week. So I relented, but not satisfied, made this young staff write a short letter (in his unsteady English) to guarantee the refund if I don’t get the e-mail within a week.

A letter from the tax office arrived at the current address of my former employer. After I resigned, the employer moved to Tanjong Pagar to become a company under a group in need of capital injection.

The poor fellow at the shop called me this evening, and said my membership is now ready

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