Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Anxiety Attack???


On the past weekend, I found a large envelop from brother. It contains some documents about my pensions scheme and credit card usage. One thing I noticed in his letter is that he notified me his new address. What that implies is that their separation is now complete…

Yesterday morning, “blackout” struck me. Very scary. Hot flash, cold sweat and I became blind and collapsed to the floor. I needed someone’s help but the only other person who has the key is Miss Q… No choice, with heavy breathing, I managed to call her…

Again, I went to Dr. Goh’s clinic. The potential causes are anxiety (panic) attack, low blood sugar level and internal bleeding. We agreed to have my blood sugar level tested on Saturday.

Anxiety? Maybe… The package from brother is innocuous enough but its implication is not to be ignored. Work? Since starting this job, my every day has been certainly and drastically changed. But panicky about work? I don’t think so.



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